Schedule of Fees For Professional Services and Expenses

September 30, 2014


Municipal Advisors Group of Boston, Inc. (MAGBI) is pleased to be able to offer financial advisory services, which are enumerated on its webpage, to issuers, borrowers and other participants in the public finance marketplace. Fees will be as invoiced, as set forth in this schedule,  and may be paid at closing, where MAGBI’s work product is supplied in connection with or support of a financing. Otherwise, fees will be due within 30 days of receipt of our invoice. No retainers are due from governmental unit and non-profit clients. Retainers for for-profit borrowers and other for-profit market participants will be as negotiated.

Rates for Professional Services - Governmental Units and Non-profit Organizations

Services of Public Finance Professional Staff: $198.00 per hour

Expenses: As incurred

Fees for For-profit Borrowers, Private-Purpose Economic Development Projects
and other For-Profit Market Participants

Services of Public Finance Professionals Staff: $323.00 per hour

Expenses: As incurred

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