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Municipal Advisors Group of Boston, Inc. (MAGBI) is an independent public finance financial advisory firm with both national and international geographic reach and a multidisciplinary portfolio of capabilities. MAGBI’s staff has decades of experience providing financial advisory services to national, state, tribal and municipal governments, as well as other participants in the public infrastructure and public finance marketplaces. MAGBI services include analysis and advice concerning general financing strategy, the issuance of bonds and notes, as well as other financing platforms for public buildings, transportation facilities, equipment, solid waste facilities, economic development, energy, water and sewer infrastructure, recreational facilities, health care, educational and other public facilities and governmental functions.

A more detailed list of MAGBI services includes (i) analysis of general governmental and project financing needs and options, (ii) project cost analysis and debt service modeling, (iii) cash flow and credit analysis, (iv) organization of materials for presentation to bond rating agencies, (v) analysis and financial guidance for economic development projects, (vi) debt structuring, (vii) modeling and analytical support for debt management, (viii) refinancing analysis along with strategic and structuring support for refinancings, (ix) evaluation of credit enhancement options and interface with credit enhancement providers, and (x) support for special projects involving government finance. MAGBI does not sell, underwrite or broker investments or third-party services, does not provide investment analysis that is not needed to evaluate the net  impact of issuing governmental obligations and does not recommend specific investments to its clients.

MAGBI's policies with respect to its conduct of business call for Associated Persons of the Firm to act in a fiduciary role with respect to the interests of its clients and to avoid conflicts of interest wherever possible. If a potential conflict of interest arises in connection with an engagement we will provide written notice to affected parties. Our firm does not employ finders or pay commissions or other compensation to third parties for the procurement of business. Engagements for services of MAGBI by governmental units may be made by appointment through official action in the form of resolutions, ordinances or other official documents which may be customary for such purpose or by contracts, including memorandums of understanding. Engagements for services of MAGBI by non-governmental entities may be made by written contract.Terms of engagement with respect to professional services to be provided by MAGBI will be assumed to be as needed from the schedule of services enumerated above and the Firm's fees for professional services is set forth in the page entitled Schedule of Fees for Professional Services and Expenses and will be assumed to apply unless otherwise stated in engagement documents. With the exception of assistance with continuing disclosure filings of governmental entities, which MAGBI provides at no charge, as needs for such assistance arise, in the interest of preserving and enhancing the integrity of the public finance marketplace,  professional services provided by MAGBI and/or any of its Associated Persons on a pro-bono basis will be subject to written acknowledgement of no material compensation and subject to the Firm's policies with respect to fiduciary stature and conflicts of interest. MAGBI does not offer services for compensation as a Dissemination Agent.

“As of its effective date (“EffectiveDate”) of June 23, 2016 and going forward, Rule G-42 of the MSRB will change the nature of the relationship of non-solicitor Municipal Municipal Advisors with their clients from one which in which regulatory requirements are satisfied by due care and fair dealing to one which puts in place a formal fiduciary role for the Municipal Advisor with respect to the client. Additionally, under provisions of Rule G-42, certain disclosures to clients, such as the basis for and methods used to determine suitability of Municipal Advisor recommendations (information that MAGBI has historically supplied and continues to supply in its Municipal Reports for individual transactions, along with client correspondence) will need to be spelled out on a client-by-client and case-by-case basis, in writing, in a single document, and cannot be obtained with regard to particulars from this website, alone. To bring forward and refresh its Rule G-42 - related disclosures, MAGBI is supplying its Financial Advisor’s Certificate, at closing, for each financing transaction in which MAGBI has provided non-solicitor Municipal Advisor services. Each Financial Advisor Certificate is drafted individually and, in addition to covering matters required for compliance with Rule G-42, contains particularized information concerning the client relationship, the subject transaction and other matters.  As of the Effective Date, ongoing customer relationship of MAGBI is subject to documentary disclosure and amendment and each future client relationship involving non-solicitor Municipal Advisor activities will be subject to documentation as required under G-42. Clients and potential future clients of MAGBI are encouraged to access the following posting on the MASRB’s website: 

Current information with respect to the Firm and its Associated Persons, including regulatory profiles and histories, are posted on the company search page of the EDGAR website of the United States Securities and Exchange CommissionAccess to information concerning MAGBI that is posted on EDGAR can be obtained by correctly inputting the firm's name or the firm's CIK number, which is: 0001614082.

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